Summer Pool Care in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the Surrounding Area

Summer Pool CareWest Palm Beach, Florida, has a much longer pool season than in most other areas. But longer seasons mean more wear and tear on the pool structure and equipment, as well as the need to ensure you have regular and frequent summer pool care services.

There are several different summer pool care services you should consider:

Structure and Safety Inspection

First of importance is to have an annual inspection of the pool structure and all of its equipment to ensure everything is safe and working correctly.

Doing the inspection at the beginning of the summer season helps to discover issues before they become serious problems and keeps your West Palm Beach pool working throughout the summer.

Additionally, regular pool safety inspections should be done throughout the summer pool care season as part of the pool maintenance and cleaning services.

Energy Audit

While you are having the annual inspection done, consider having an energy audit done. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers this service free, and there is no obligation. The technician surveys your pool structure and equipment to see if there are ways to save on your energy bill. After your heating and cooling costs, your pool is the next highest energy cost. If you have never had an audit done, get one as part of your summer pool care this year.

Leak Detection

If you believe you may have a leak in your pool, you can have a pool leak detection survey completed to determine what the problem is. Though some water burns off under the West Palm Beach sun, it is best to know if a problem actually exists. A certified professional, such as Pool Doctor, can diagnose your problem, as well as do any needed repairs. 


Any needed repairs discovered during the annual inspection should be done before using the pool for the safety of swimmers and to ensure problems do not get worse, costing much more to repair.

This is also the time to treat and remove any stains in the pool structure. Not only are stained unattractive but the longer they remain, the harder they are to remove.

Opening Your Pool

Each year your pool must be “opened”. Here’s what opening a pool includes:

  • Remove water and debris from the pool cover
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool
  • A safety inspection of the pool structure (if not done separately)
  • Clean:
    • Tiles and skimmer
    • Pool deck
    • All baskets at the skimmer and pump
  • Lubricate fittings, valves, o-rings, and plugs
  • Fill the pool to the normal operating level
  • Fill and prime the pump
  • Backwash of the pool system, running the pump until the water is clear
  • Rinse until water is clear
  • Filter the pool water
  • Test and balance water chemistry levels
  • Shock the pool water to break point levels
  • Add algaecide

Weekly Summer Pool Care

Once the pool is open, inspected and any repairs completed, you need weekly scheduled servicing. Many pool owners do their own summer pool care, but it is best to have a professional, licensed pool care service do it for you at least weekly. You still will need to do some daily testing and cleaning whenever the pool is used; however, a professional pool service will ensure your pool investment is protected, the water is healthy for swimmers, and the pool structure is safe. A weekly summer pool care service should include:

  • Test and balance water chemistry and alkalinity levels
  • Refill automatic chlorinator with chlorine tablets as needed
  • Remove surface debris by skimming the water.
  • Brush both pool and interior wall tiles
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean the filter(s) or backwash as needed
  • Add water to ensure it is at operating level as needed
  • Communicate any problems or needed repairs to the homeowner

Other Summer Pool Care Services

Others services you may need for your West Palm Beach pool are special needs services:

  • Acid Washing of the Pool – If you have a buildup of calcium or a stubborn stain on your plaster or pebble tec pool, muriatic acid and water is used to remove a thin layer of your pool’s topcoat. Such a need would be discovered during the annual inspection.
  • Special Pool Cleanup – If your pool accumulates an unusual amount of algae that turns the water dark green, brown and/or black, a special cleanup is required to remove all the algae for the health and safety of swimmers. Never allow swimmers in the pool with such existing issues.
  • Phosphate Treatments – In addition to a special pool cleanup and shocking the pool, the growth of algae may be so bad that a phosphate treatment may be required.

Phosphates enter the pool water through the breakdown of leaves and dirt in the pool, the introduction of tap water, from the pool chemicals, used, lawn fertilizer accidentally sprayed into the water, or even from makeup, hair products and lotions used by swimmers.

Phosphates are algae gourmet food, which helps the algae grow at a faster rate and abundance. There will always be some phosphates in pool water, but if it becomes unusually high (exceeds 1,000 ppb), as demonstrated by super stubborn algae growth, a phosphate treatment may be required. Your summer pool care service technician can advise you.

Your West Palm Beach pool is a large property investment, which you should protect. Trying to provide all of these summer pool care services yourself is not only time consuming but, if not done correctly, can endanger your investment, as well as the health and safety of swimmers. It is best to hire a licensed professional to care for your pool. A local service, like Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, hires only experienced and well-trained technicians to service your family pool. Pool Doctor has almost 30 years experience in caring for the pools of West Palm Beach.

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