Summer Tips from the Pool Doctor

Summer fun without the burn!

  • Don’t forget your sunscreen and try to remember to re-apply if you are not using a sunscreen with Zinc oxide!
  • Hats are always a good option whether you are on the tennis court or lounging by the pool!
  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, hydrate before, during and after any summer activity.


Safety at the pool

Swimming pools conjure up feelings of calmness, relaxation and refreshment. But don’t forget safety first when it comes to the water.

  • Most pets love to swim, some don’t and its best not toforce the ones that don’t and also watch their skin for reactions to chemicals they might not tolerate.

Provide Proper Supervision for Children and Adults whenever children are in or near water, competent adult supervision should always be on hand. Children are drawn to water like magnets, so adults should be watchful at all times around any water element. Never assume that flotation devices will suffice there is no substitute for constant adult supervision. Even a child that has participated in swimming lessons needs adult supervision. If you must leave the pool area, take your children with you or assign another adult with the responsibility. No one at any age should swim alone. �A great website resource for children, that focuses on water safety, is

Pool and spa bathers always need to practice basic and simple safety measures, Never use a pool or spa that has a broken or missing drain cover. Never allow any bathers to play with or swim next to a drain cover. Call your pool professional immediately or call Pool Dr. immediately to re-secure the main drain cover or for any other repairs…..For more information go to

Barricade the pool completely. Experts recommend a fence of at least four feet tall, with slats close enough together that kids can’t squeeze between them. Make sure there are no handholds or footholds for agile climbers. Secure the gate with a lock. The best gates are self-closing and self-latching. Position the latches well out of reach of children. Install an audible gate alarm that will alert you inside the house if the gate is opened. Get an in-the-water pool alarm too one that will alert you if anyone jumps or falls in the pool.

In your home, secure doors and windows leading to the pool, so kids don’t have access from inside the house.

Keep potential “step stools” away from the fence. That means storing patio chairs, planters, and other climbable items away from your outside perimeter.

Make sure your child learns how to swim, but never assume that he or she is safe in the water alone. Many parents overestimate their children’s swimming competencies. Always, always supervise.

Never leave the pool cover partially on when kids are swimming, because they might become trapped under it.

Remove pool steps and ladders when you’re not using them.

Keep a house phone or cell phone nearby when supervising kids in the pool. This way, you won’t be tempted to leave the kids to answer the phone, and you can call for help if needed. Post emergency numbers close at hand.

Learn CPR. If anyone else will be supervising kids in the pool, make sure they learn it, too. Impress upon babysitters that they must follow your safety rules. Keep rescue equipment by the pool.

Adhere to strict diving rules. (Diving accidents can result in life-long injuries.) Never allow diving in above-ground pools, which are too shallow for safety. If you do have an in-ground pool, allow diving only from the diving board, not the sides of the pool. Be safe and have fun!

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