All About Swimming Pool Algae


Video Transcript

Pool algae are microscopic, marine plant organisms.

There are over 21,000 types of algae.

 Blue-green algae are most common on water or pool surfaces. Easy removal.

Yellow algae are second most common, found on shaded surfaces. Resistant to removal.

Black and pink are the most difficult to prevent and remove but rare – Call a professional.

Prevention of algae is easier than removal.

There are several causes of pool algae. Do these to prevent, especially in hot weather:

  • Keep pool open when weather heats pool water above 60 degrees.
  • Wash toys and equipment, especially before putting in pool.
  • Swimmers should shower before entering pool to remove contaminates.
  • Keep water balanced and sanitized, especially in hot weather.
  • Watch phosphate levels.
  • Keep water moving with pump and clean filtration system.
  • Shock your pool and use an algaecide on regular basis in hot weather to kill algae.
  • Do regular and consistent pool cleaning to remove contaminates from rain, wind, leaves & debris.
  •  An UltraViolet light or ozonator kills algae – keep it on.
  • A pool cover keeps everything out but water and people.

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