swimming pool guide detect 5 problemsA pool pump is likely to be the most vulnerable component within your swimming pool’s system. Below is a list of common pool pump problems, and what may cause them.

5 Common Pool Pump Problems

The five most common problems found in your pool pump are as follows:

  • The pump runs, but does not pump water.
  • The pump only runs for a few seconds.
  • The pump is leaking water.
  • The pump is making a loud noise.
  • The pump is sucking air.

If your pool pump isn’t functioning properly, you need to track down and diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up wasting money and water, and the quality of your pool may suffer. The pump acts like the heart of your swimming pool by circulating the water, keeping it fresh and clean.

Strainer Basket Obstruction

Inside your pool pump, there is a strainer basket, which is the last filter that stops debris from entering the impeller and damaging it. It will eventually obstruct water from reaching the pump and interrupting circulation. You can tell that this might be an issue, if there is insufficient water and the water does not reach the pump. The pump will run, but won’t pump water and/or it will only run for a few seconds.

Pool Filter Neglect

A neglected pool filter may obstruct the entire circulation. It may require replacing the filter media to restore the circulation. Again, symptoms of this issue are indicated by insufficient water flowing through the pump. The pump will run, but only for a few seconds, and won’t pump water throw it.

Getting the Air Out

Your pool pump is effective at pumping water, but not air. Air infiltrating may accumulate in the chamber, thus creating airlock, preventing sufficient water from reaching the pump and causing a leaky O-ring on the removable pump chamber cover. Your pump will sound strange while running if it’s sucking air.

It is really simple for a professional licensed pool company to detect and solve swimming pool pump problems. If you have a regular weekly or monthly maintenance program, that makes it even easier. For more information on how the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can help you maintain your swimming pool in tip-top condition, please contact us.





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