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Do you believe that chlorine turns your hair green? Or that you cannot swim with a full stomach? These are just two common myths regarding swimming and pools. We expose the truth of five common swimming pool myths below.


Myth: Chlorine turns blonde hair green.

Fact: Blonde people are most prone to this case, but chlorine is not responsible for turning their hair green. The culprit here is copper. It is introduced to your swimming pool through the metal plumbing or algaecide in the pool water’s chemistry.

Myth: You cannot swim with a full stomach.

Fact: This myth suggests that a full stomach may cause muscle cramps, which may end up in drowning. The fact is, the blood that is diverted away from the muscle to focus on digestion, is not enough to affect your own ability to swim.

Myth: Swimming pool chemicals can reveal urine in pool water.

Fact: There is no pool chemical that will reveal urine in your pool water. If you really are worried that your pool is contaminated with too much urine, simply shock it and that will do the trick.

Myth: You can’t get sick from swimming in the pool.

Fact: There are a number of bacteria and germs in your pool water, from which infection and diseases may be obtained. Proper pool maintenance is required to keep these in check.

Myth: The best way to clean a swimming pool is by draining it.

Fact: Draining your swimming pool too often may actually harm your pool and reduce its life. Vacuum cleaning and proper chemical treatment are highly advised to keep it clean.

If you have further concerns or worries about a swimming or pool related anecdote or saying, consult with a pool professional to find out the truth. Typically, learning and understanding best practices in swimming pool maintenance will combat any concern.

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