Should You Have a Swimming Pool Inspection before Buying Your Dream House?

Swimming Pool Inspection

When you purchase a home with a backyard pool, you are buying the pool “as is” – no guarantees, no follow-up repairs. Once you close on the home, the pool and all its problems belong to you. That is why you need to have a swimming pool inspection done before the sale is final. Then, if the inspection finds a problem, you can negotiate for a price to include pool repairs, for the seller to repair the pool before closing, or just opt for a different home to buy.

Many homebuyers have the home inspector do the swimming pool inspection, but home inspectors only have minimal training in swimming pool inspections. Most just take a brief, online course that is not certified by a licensing agency or by the pool industry.

To underscore the lack of experience of home inspectors, most include a disclaimer for the pool inspection; so they are not liable for pool problems they should have discovered during the inspection.

Additionally, home inspectors are not allowed by state law to do inspections for public pools. So, why should you trust them?

Hire a Licensed Pool Inspection Service

Even though you have a home inspection done, hire a licensed pool inspection service to do your swimming pool inspection. These professionals are well trained to do a comprehensive inspection of the pool and its components. They cannot take equipment apart without a seller’s permission, but even their visual inspection will be much more complete than that of a home inspector.

An experienced pool inspection service has the experience and knowledge to spot improper maintenance issues by the seller. And if a seller did not take care of one maintenance area well, they probably did not take care of others that could cost thousands to repair in the future.

A swimming pool inspection should include the following areas:

  • The pool interior surface area
  • The plumbing system
  • The electrical system – older pools especially may lack newer safety features
  • The main drain has a federally-approved anti-entrapment cover
  • Safety covers over drains and lighting are tight and secure with no safety issues
  • Pool accessories, such as loose ladders or step railings
  • Decking surface
  • The surrounding fence and gate – ensure they meet Florida regulations

Home Warranty

Even with a swimming pool inspection by a pool inspection service, you still may experience pool repairs after purchase, which were not indicated during the inspection. Having a home warranty that includes any major pool repairs is essential. Remember, you are buying a used pool – no different than buying a used car. They both may come with problems in the future. Just be sure to read the clause that covers the pool, especially the fine print, to ensure the warranty covers all major repairs.

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