Is Your Pool Leaking? Here’s How to Tell

Three Easy Steps for Swimming Pool Leak DetectionImagine this: You had a long, hard day at work. All you want to do is come home, put on your swimsuit, and relax by your pool. But something’s off: the water level seems much lower than usual. It was a hot day; you think maybe the low water is simply due to evaporation. Then again, maybe there’s a leak somewhere. How can you tell? There is an easy method you can use for inground swimming pool leak detection.

Three Easy Steps for Swimming Pool Leak Detection

  1. Put a bucket of water on the top step of the pool or in the shallowest part of the pool; make sure the bucket is filled to the same level as the pool.
  2. Put a mark to show the water level inside the bucket, and put another mark on the outside that shows the pool water level (they should be at the same height).
  3. Wait two to three days, and mark the new water levels. If the water inside the bucket is now higher than the pool level, you likely have a leak that needs to be dealt with.

Your Pool Is Leaking — Now What?

Now that you know how to detect a pool leak, what do you do with that information? From here, you have several options. Feel free to call Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches; we will be happy to help you locate and fix the leak. If you’d like to locate the leak on your own, here are a few common culprits to check on:

  • If you have a fiberglass or vinyl pool, check for cracks and tears in the pool liner.
  • Check for visible leaks around the pump and filter.
  • Check the skimmer for cracks.
  • Put a plug in the bottom drain as well as the pipe leading from the skimmer to the drain; mark the water level, leave it for one to two days, and check the level again; more than half an inch difference probably means there is a leak in the bottom drain.

If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, there are books and online resources that can help you fix most leaks; just be sure to follow instructions carefully! Alternatively, you can call us for a free quote and let our swimming pool leaks repair specialists take care of the hard part, so you can get back to enjoying your pool in comfort.

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