Swimming Pool Lighting: LED vs. Fiber Optic

Swimming Pool Lighting          There is so much more that goes into owning a swimming pool than simply keeping it full of water. Pool ownership can be an exciting hobby that involves choosing just the right accessories, like heaters, covers, diving boards, and pool liners. Similar to your backyard, garage, and house, a swimming pool is meant to be part of your home. But quality swimming pool lighting is one of the most common components of a pool that gets neglected.

A swimming pool with adequate lighting can be enjoyed regardless of the time of day. If you want to invite guests over for an evening pool party, then perhaps you should consider installing either LED or fiber optic pool lights. So which option is best?

LED Pool Lights vs. Fiber Optic

Even though they both share the same purpose of keeping your pool area well lit after the sun goes down, Fiber optic and LED pool lights use different methods to accomplish this goal. For example, LED pool light bulbs are submersed in the water within protective housing shells.

Fiber optic pool lights, on the other hand, have bulbs stored outside the water, and emit light via the fiber optic cables. There are specific advantages and disadvantages regarding each of these options.

Swimming Pool Lighting: Cost

Unfortunately, just like any other light bulb around your home, the bulbs inside pool lights don’t last forever and will need to be changed.

So if you are concerned with the effort and cost of replacing these bulbs, then Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches typically recommends designing your pool to include fiber optic lights in lieu of other options.

Swimming Pool Lighting: Safety

Many pool owners prefer fiber optic lights since their main components operate above the surface of the water.

Swimming Pool Lighting: Brightness

If establishing a well-lit environment is your sole concern, then Pool Doctor recommends LED pool lights. Most industry experts agree that fiber optics are better suited for adding ambiance to the pool area.

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