What’s the Point of a Pool Maintenance Log? Do I Need One for My Private Swimming Pool?

Maintenance tasks for your swimming pool are vital to ensure that you get the best out of your water – and having fun in the pool is the reason you have a pool in the first place. Planning your parties, get togethers and family fun might take a lot of your time, and it’s tempting to put maintenance on the back burner – but why risk your pool being out of action all season when simple maintenance tasks can be scheduled into your daily routine and keep things fresh and safe before small fixes turn in to big problems?

A maintenance log will ensure that you’re up to date on all these basic maintenance activities – and keep what tasks need doing fresh in your mind so that nothing is missed.

You need to regularly check your chemical balance, every day or every week. It’s a quick job and you’ll want to track the figures on your maintenance log so you’re aware of what changes and adjustments have been required over time. The log will also help you determine how often you actually need to check the chemicals in your pool.

Once this is done, give your pool a skim and clear out the filters and baskets. Depending on the usage and environment around your pool, this may need to be done daily or less often.

These two simple tasks take just a few minutes and ensure your pool is clean and safe.

In your weekly maintenance tasks you need to schedule in a scrub and vacuum of the surfaces and bottom of your pool – if this is done every week it should prevent any build-up of bacteria or algae in your pool. Doing it at the same time every week means you never get behind – and tracking the fact it was done means nothing has a chance to turn into a bigger problem.

Another simple thing to do is simply look at the pool – check the clarity and quality of your water. You’ve been skimming and adjusting the chemicals – but once a month it might be worth ‘shocking’ your pool. This is deliberately increasing the chlorine level to kill off any cloudiness caused by a gradual build-up of bacteria or products that have impacted on the cleanliness of your pool.

If you schedule in and track these simple fixes, maintaining your pool becomes second nature, and you’ll have a record to show that your pool is clean, safe and healthy – and be able to enjoy your time in the water.

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