Pool Maintanance FloridaRealizing something is wrong with your pool can leave you with a horrible sinking feeling in your stomach (no pun intended!). But many times, problems can be avoided with proper swimming pool maintenance. Sadly, many pool owners decide to handle their pool maintenance themselves, without fully understanding a few key things. 

Here are six of the biggest swimming pool maintenance mistakes and how you can easily avoid them

1. Not Keeping a Swimming Pool Maintenance Log and Schedule.

Pop quiz: Do you remember the last time you checked the pH level of your pool? Unless you have an incredible memory, you probably can’t keep track of your pool maintenance in your head. That’s why every pool owner should have a maintenance log, that tracks the date and time of each maintenance task performed. If you keep a good record and schedule, you’ll know exactly when you’re due to add chlorine or check the pH.

2. Not Knowing How a Pool System Works.

The pump, filter, heater, and skimmer are the main components of a pool system. Each piece works together to keep the pool water safe, clean, and enjoyable. Make sure you are familiar with each piece, how to clean it, and how to troubleshoot common problems. This will ensure you will avoid swimming pool mistakes.

3. Making A Mistake with Your Math.

This is one of the easiest pool maintenance mistakes to make, but also one of the easiest to avoid if you take a second to double-check. Pool chemical dosages are based on the volume of water that is in your pool, so be sure to review the instructions carefully before adding a new chemical to your pool.

4. Being Unfamiliar with Pool Chemistry.

Another common mistake when it comes to pool chemicals is misunderstanding how various chemicals work together. Chlorine is not the only chemical your pool needs! Read up on pool maintenance (the sources for this article are a great place to start) to understand how to balance the pH level, how often to add chlorine and more. Remember, if you want to avoid swimming pool mistakes, knowledge is power!

5. Ignoring Stains.

Stains on the pool surface could mean any number of things. Part of your swimming pool maintenance routine should be to take note of any stains and trying to figure out what caused them. Copper (rust-colored) stains could be a sign that the inner workings of your pool heater are corroding due to improper pH and alkaline levels. If left unchecked, this could result in your heater burning out and needing to be replaced much sooner than it would otherwise.

6. Forgetting the Area Around the Pool.

Just as important as maintaining your pool is keeping its surroundings. The ground immediately around your pool should be maintained to avoid falls. If the concrete around your pool begins to crack or split, you should have an expert come to assess it as soon as possible.

We at the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches want you and your family to enjoy your pool as much as possible. Avoiding these six pool maintenance mistakes can keep your pool safe and clean, and can save you from a lot of frustration. If you want help with your swimming pool maintenance, ask us today about our weekly pool service.

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