These 16 Swimming Pool Remodeling and Renovation Ideas Are Just What Your Pool Needs

Swimming Pool Remodeling and Renovation IdeasIs your dream pool starting to look like a nightmare? That might mean it is simply old and wornout, needing replacement pumps or filters. Or maybe your tastes have changed: the light pink tile coping seemed like a good idea when the pool was built in the 1990s, but now it just seems dated. For whatever reason, if you are thinking of Swimming pool remodeling or renovating your swimming pool, check out our best 16 pool renovation ideas to get inspiration on a new design.

1. LED Lighting

There are plenty of reasons to choose LED lighting for your backyard pool. Not only are they more energy efficient, but they are low maintenance and last a long time. More than that, they give you a wide range of options for making your pool look unique and stylish. Install LED lighting under the water in any color you choose to create a stunning nightime effect.

2. Resurfacing

When it comes to swimming pool renovation, resurfacing is the first thing many people think about. Depending on the type of pool you have, resurfacing may be an option. Plaster or concrete pools can be resurfaced. Glass tiles, pebble aggregate, or Diamond Brite finish are all beautiful and elegant ways to create an attractive new pool surface.

3. Saltwater

Saltwater pools are amazing, especially if you want to minimize the money you spend on chemical treatments for your pool. Chlorine is still present in saltwater systems but at a lower level, and many people find that saltwater pools are easier on their skin and eyes than traditional pool systems. During a swimming pool renovation is the perfect time to make the choice to replace the old system with a new saltwater system.

4. Waterfalls

A small waterfall is all it takes to create a soothing background noise that can be enjoyed in or out of the pool. The sound of water splashing into the pool from a waterfall is something your family and your guests will appreciate whenever they spend time in the backyard. Waterfalls are attractive to look at as well!

5. Pool Automation Systems

Who wouldn’t want to spend less time keeping a swimming pool clean and balanced? With an automated pool system, you can schedule tedious maintenance work like water testing and chemical control. Some systems can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet! Different levels of automation are available, enabling each pool owner to choose a system with the right price and versatility.

6. Swap Out the Coping

Coping is the term for the material used to cover the top of the pool walls. Coping usually creates a visual border around the edge of the pool. Materials that can be used for pool coping include granite, ceramic tile, or natural stones. What kind of “feel” should your backyard have? The coping plays a large part in creating the perfect style and feel for your pool.

7. Fountains

Like waterfalls, fountains add a musical note to your backyard oasis, in the form of trickling or bubbling water. Fountains can be stationed along the coping, spitting water out toward the center of the pool. This can create a fun way for kids to play with the water, too!

8. Pool Deck

If you are planning on remodeling your pool, also remodeling your pool deck is a good idea, especially if your goal is to improve the appearance of your backyard. The pool deck will likely be noticed before the pool itself when visitors first view your backyard, so make sure it is kept in good shape.

9. Add a Spa

The addition of a spa or hot tub instantly upgrades the look of any pool area. Create a cohesive look by building the spa along the edge of the pool, elevating it slightly, and using matching coping. For an added touch of elegance, you could create a waterfall between the elevated spa and the pool below.

10. Change Shape

Changing the size and shape of a pool is one of the most expensive swimming pool remodeling projects, but the effect it can have on the look of the yard is tremendous. If you bought a house with a plain rectangular pool, a remodel could transform it into a custom-shaped work of art!

11. Fire Pits

Few things are as eye-catching as fire. An elevated fireplace or fire pit can be installed at the end of your pool or nearby on the pool deck. Either way, combining the elements of fire and water creates a sophisticated and exciting look.

12. Upgraded Pool Equipment

Even if your pool’s filtration system is working, how old is it? Before starting a pool renovation project, consider upgrading part or all of your system with more energy-efficient pumps, skimmers, and filters.

13. Waterline Tile

If you don’t want to spend the money for a full pool resurfacing, you could always choose to replace just the waterline tile. As the most visible part of the pool surface, tile above the waterline can serve as an eye-catching border.

14. Sun Shelf

A sun shelf, also called a baja shelf or a tanning shelf, is a raised shelf in a swimming pool, creating a shallow area perfect for keeping cool while relaxing in the sun. The shape and size of a sun shelf can be designed to fit any pool. Decorative mosaic tiling makes a sun shelf both functional and attractive.

15. Play With Perception

Infinity pools, negative-edge pools, and vanishing-edge pools are all terms for swimming pools built in such a way that they have the appearance of having no boundary. They are stunning features, sure to make any backyard feel like an upscale resort.

16. Natural Lagoon

Using a combination of the above pool renovation ideas, along with the right landscaping, you can turn your swimming pool into a natural-looking lagoon. Create an oasis right in your own backyard.

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