Swimming Pool Repair Jupiter Florida

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Swimming PoolMost people in the Jupiter area have inground concrete pools that provide them an escape from the intense sun here in the Florida. Over time those pools become weathered and aged and are in need of repair. To be able to enjoy your pool all year long you should have a professional ensure that there are no leaks or damage that can lead to a much bigger problem.

The design of the inground pool is unique here in Florida because many areas are very close to canals or even swamps and need to be installed in a dry location so the products can properly cure. Over time the intense pressure of the water can cause weak areas to become exposed and cause the pool waters to seep into those leaks and into the surrounding ground. When the water continually is allowed to escape the pool, it can cause the surrounding areas to become weak. Over time the water will begin to loosen the casing around the pool and cause significantly more damage. Contacting a professional as soon as possible to diagnose the problem is the best way to eliminate any further issues.

Concrete Swimming Pool Repair Jupiter Florida

The concrete used to create the swimming pool acts like a casing and is under tremendous pressure from the water. Having a professional apply a sealant to the walls of the pool can eliminate the leak at the source. This protectant will not peel or come apart from the concrete regardless of the intense pressure present. By waterproofing the walls of the pool, especially around light fixtures or water jets, you will stop water from escaping the pool.

Our professional swimming pool repair Jupiter Florida will work to clean the surface of the concrete in the pool so they can apply the waterproof sealant to a smooth and dry surface. After applying a primer coating the solution will work to penetrate the pores of the concrete and then form a bond that in impenetrable.

Any areas in need of repair within the swimming pool will be properly patched. This includes any cracks, holes or seams in the concrete. The final application will be to waterproof and eliminate any water from escaping the pool. The chlorine in the pool water has the ability to penetrate many sealants that are not 100% waterproof. The proper sealant can provide you many years of fun in the sun with your pool and ensure you will not need to fix those concerns.

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