Spend Less Time on Swimming Pool Troubleshooting & More Time Enjoying the Water!

Spend Less Time on Swimming Pool TroubleshootingSwimming pools are such a wonderful luxury, but if you find yourself spending more time swimming pool troubleshooting your pool than enjoying it, what’s the point? Make life easier by using this handy guide to common swimming pool problems and solutions.

Common Problems With Swimming Pools

Problem: Pool smells like chlorine

Solution: Chlorine shock

If a pool has a “chlorine smell,” ironically, you can fix it by adding more chlorine. The smell happens when there is too little free chlorine and too much-combined chlorine. A chlorine shock should fix this problem.

Problem: Water causes burning eyes or nose

Solution: Check pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness for proper levels

Most people are quick to blame chlorine as the cause of dry skin and stinging eyes and noses. But the more likely culprits are other chemical factors. Checking the pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness and adjusting them to proper levels should clear up this problem.

Problem: Cloudy green water

Solution: Algaecide and chlorine shock

Cloudy green or brown water is generally caused by algae. If you notice that algae has started to grow, start by treating the water with a chemical algaecide and then keep a strict maintenance schedule, which includes regular chlorine shocking to prevent future algae attacks.

Problem: Hair or nails turn green

Solution: Chelating agents

Once again, chlorine is usually blamed for this problem, when in reality, it is caused by an excess of copper in the water. Most commonly, this is caused by a mineral ionizer or by cheap algaecides. Chelating agents are products you can buy to reduce the copper level of your swimming pool.

Problem: Stains on pool walls or floor

Solution: Acid washing

Acid washing will get rid of most stains on your pool walls and floor. The color of the stain can tell you what caused it in the first place, which will help you avoid it in the future. Check out this guide to learn more about stains and how to avoid them.

Get More Help With Swimming Pool Troubleshooting

The above list is not comprehensive, but it should give you a great basis for easily fixing the most common problems with swimming pools. If you need more help, reach out to Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, and our pool maintenance experts can help problem-solve your pool issues.

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