Top 10 Reasons to Have Pool Service in Palm Beach


Pool ServiceHaving your own swimming pool is a thrilling idea. It should always be a source of enjoyment and relaxation. If you are the type of pool owner who would rather spend more type enjoying their pool than maintaining it,  you’ll need regular pool maintenance provided with a pool cleaning service.


Some pool owners try to perform all of the pool cleaning and pool maintenance chores themselves and may not feel they need to have pool service. Their reasons may be because they think it’s usually an easy task or that pool service is expensive. But pool maintenance and pool cleaning is an on-going task that pool owners cannot ignore or delay because bigger and more expensive problems are the result of improper pool care or neglect.

Below are the top ten reasons why many pool owners in Palm Beach County decide to use a pool service company instead of doing the job themselves.

  1. Be Confident about Proper Pool maintenance-

    If you hire a pool service professional for your pool care and cleaning, you can rest assured that your pool is being maintained regularly as it should.

  2. Water balance and filtration-

    These elements are crucial to pool maintenance. Pool service technicians should regularly check the water, adjust its balance and check for proper filtration. If pool water doesn’t have proper balance or is not being filtered properly, it can affect your pool’s appearance and value, as well as your health.

  3. Save your time-

    Why spend your time on pool cleaning and pool maintenance when it could be better spent with your family and friends?  Proper pool care is a serious time commitment, if done properly. Any compromise can affect the quality and cleanliness of your pool.

  4. Replacement and repair-

    Sometimes, the parts of your pool might need replacements or special equipment is needed to make repairs. With the DIY approach, these issues can turn into major problems. A quality pool service company will employ trained and certified pool operators and technicians who can detect issues early and provide you with options regarding repair or replacement of pool equipment.

  5. Scheduled, regular pool service- 

    A pool service company can have a pool professional at your pool location on a pre-scheduled and consistent basis. Service schedules are usually weekly or twice-a-week depending on the customers needs.

  6. Pool plaster and tile care-

    The plaster of your pool develops problems over the time. Pool plaster and tile gets dirty, stained and cracked with regular use. Cleaning and maintaining your pool plaster and tile can be a tough job; one that you might not want to do yourself.  A pool service company can take proper care of your pool plaster and tile to keep your pool sparkling.

  7. Experience and training- 

    The experience, training and knowledge that certified pool operators have is vastly different from that of most pool owners  or some pool technicians that have not undergone certification.

  8. Expert advice-

    A professional pool service company will be able to give you expert advice for general maintenance and repair as well as options on cost efficient equipment. New pool technology is evident and items like LED pool lights and low energy heaters and variable speed pumps have come a long way in the last few years. Your pool service professional should keep you updated about new pool technology and options if a pool remodel is necessary. .

  9. Time to Enjoy- 

    Lastly, a professional pool service company does the dirty work which gives you more time to enjoy your pool.


Finding the best professional pool service company can take some time. Referrals, awards and testimonials are a good way to help make your decision on the best pool service company for your needs.


Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is an awarding winning pool service company who has been recognized by Angie’s List as well as others.  Our customers have come to expect a higher level of service and we are happy to deliver.  All of our pool technicians are CPO certified and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience when they are servicing your pool needs.


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