Top 10 Ways to Bring Fun Swimming Exercises to Your Backyard Pool

top 10 fun swimming exerciseThe health benefits of swimming are amazing. But, working out doesn’t have to be a chore when you use your pool to create fun exercise activities! Try these suggestions to make your swimming workout fun.

 Check with your doctor before working out in your pool.

Be sure that you speak with your doctor before starting any work out program. Your doctor will know whether a swimming workout is a good fit for your current condition. Being safe is always the number one rule!

 Pool Exercises and Tips

  1.  Try some balance drills 

    Do some floating, walking, and gentle kicking exercises to get you “warmed up.”

  2. Start with short swimming drills 

    Keep in mind that your lungs work differently in the water than on land. If you aren’t used to the controlled breathing required, then try some shorter laps to get you started.

  1. Use a kickboard

    A kickboard can help you practice your breathing without having to worry about your swimming form.

  1. Try some different swimming strokes 

    Switching up your routine can help keep your mind engaged while you swim.

  1. Involve the kids

    Teaching your kids to swim can be a great workout! Once they have the strokes down, challenge each other to races and contests.

  1. Try some shallow water walking 

    Walking in the water burns twice as many calories compared to walking on land because of the added resistance of the water.

  1. Aqua jogging

    Strap on a life vest and head to just where you cannot touch, and start jogging. It will feel strange at first, but you are torching calories!

  1. Take your gym exercise to the pool

    Most gym exercises can be modified to fit the pool, and water aerobics is a fun way to change up your regular swimming exercises.

  1. Incorporate games

    Try some diving games and swimming challenges. Swimming golf is a great way to motivate yourself if you are swimming alone. Count your strokes on each lap, trying to get the lowest number possible.

There are so many fun activities that you can try in the water. Use these tips and go have some fun! For more ideas, keep an eye on our blog.