Top 5 Reasons to Install a Natural Pool in Your Backyard

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Natural Pool in Your BackyardNatural pools are a different approach to what we have come to expect for private pools. In place of chemicals, additives and trying to keep nature out of your pool, and instead something natural and beautiful takes place, giving you a serene spot to swim away your stresses and strains.

But what exactly is a natural pool – and why should you choose one?

1: Naturally clean water

Though many pools are kept clean with chlorine and chemicals, a natural pool avoids these skin irritants and unnatural additions – instead using natural plant life to keep the water clean.

Natural pools have two areas – a swimming area and a plant life area, through which the water is filtered. The roots and fibers of the plants filter the water, removing contaminants and consuming any bacteria from the environment and from those using the pool.

This biologically balanced system means that the pool is self-cleaning in a healthy, natural way that means those using the pool are protected from poisons, chemicals and skin damage that excessive exposure to chlorine can cause.

2: It’s more affordable!

Though actually building and creating a natural pool is a similar expense to creating a ‘traditional’ pool, the maintenance costs are considerably lower over the lifetime of the pool.

This is because you won’t need to invest in chemicals or electrical filtering systems. This means that once the pool is in place you will be spending less monthly, and have more time to just enjoy your pool.

3: Natural beauty.

There’s something hypnotic about the plants that make up the natural, cleansing area of a natural pool, the light dancing on the water as the plants thrive.

These natural areas are necessary for keeping the water clean and pure – and this can be created in a number of ways. Some people opt for a natural pool with a true, natural, wild plant area that adds a beautiful water garden to the yard as well as a clean swimming space. Others opt for a minimalist natural pool that looks more like a chemical pool, and takes advantage of clever planting at a distance, making the natural filter a more subtle feature of a yard. Both styles are equally beautiful, with the advantage of pure, clean water and chemical free swimming.

4: Environmentally friendly.

Not only are you adding plants and nature back into your yard with your natural pool you’re also reducing the number of chemicals that might leach into the area through water waste, possible leaks, or evaporation.

5: Peace of mind.

Your natural pool is a beautiful addition to your home, that costs you less to maintain, that cleans itself and protects the swimmer from chemicals, damage to hair and skin, and the hassle of measuring chlorine and more, and it protects the environment around you.

This all adds up to a soothing, relaxing place to swim, and gives you a haven from modern life that can look as sleek and modern as next door’s concrete pool, but gives you added benefits to your health and your wallet, free of the stresses of the everyday, surrounded by nature even in the center of a bustling city.

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