5 Top Tips to Maintain the Best Swimming Pool in the Neighborhood

5 Top Tips to Maintain the Best Swimming Pool in the NeighborhoodMost homes in the Palm Beach, Florida area have swimming pools – and the benefits of having a pool in your own back yard are many – but it’s important that you maintain and clean your pool regularly to keep it in tip top condition. And, here are our five top tips to do just that!

 Keep that water level up

The water level in your pool can vary – splashing the water out when you’re having some family fun, a pool party, even the sun beating down on the surface can evaporate the water significantly in just a short time. In order for your filters and filtration system to work efficiently, the water level needs to remain consistent. So once a week check the levels and give your pool a top up, or add to the water level after a party, to keep things working effectively.

Balance the chemicals in your water

Every time the water level is changed, you should also check and balance the chemicals used to keep your water clean and safe. This should be done weekly to ensure that no bacteria has the chance to breed and grow in the pool, and reduces the risks of algae, as well as making the water a clean and fun place for you and your family to swim and play.

Scrub those pool sides

Every week you should clean the bottom and sides of your pool – there are robot cleaners that can scrub the bottom, and a stiff brush and some elbow grease should be enough to scrub any unwanted bacteria from the sides of your pool; doing this weekly will prevent a build up of any unwanted algae or dirt and keep things fresh. Doing it this regularly prevents the need for any significant clean up.

Skim the pool

Regularly skim your pool to ensure that there’s no dirt, debris or unwanted plant life floating in the water, which would be a breeding ground for bacteria, creating an imbalance in the chemicals and algae growing in your pool. Keeping all unwanted materials out of the pool will keep it safe and fresh.

Get your pool a regular check up

At least once a year, bring in the experts to give your pool’s overall health a once over – maintaining the pool yourself throughout the year will stop any significant problems but it’s still wise to ask an expert to check and change your filters, ensure that the chemicals are balanced, and give things a deep clean to keep on top of any potential problems. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has decades of experience in pool maintenance, and it’s an affordable way to find peace of mind and maintain a healthy pool. Contact us for further information.