Types of Deck Designs for Swimming Pools & Spas Matter in Jupiter, Florida



Deck Designs for Swimming Pools, Pool deck designHere, in Jupiter, Florida, we have the sun shining a good share of the year. With historical average highs from 75 to 90 degrees, we spend a good share of our leisure time in the water. Yet, going to the beach is not always the best alternative. So, many of us have backyard swimming pools and/or spas – or would like to have one.

There are factors to consider beyond what type of pool you would like to have when planning to install a pool or spa. A major consideration is the deck design, and there are many types of decks available.

Deck Design Function

The deck design is dependent on the function it serves you and your family. You also must consider backyard size, pool shape and size, and how much room you have for other pool and deck features.

Landscaped DeckA private getaway or oasis may be one using natural plants and trees.   It can be simple and elegant or designed to present the appearance of nature’s hideaway. In the simple and elegant oasis in the photo to the left, the deck design uses a large pool edging (i.e. coping) with individual stone slabs extending the deck out for leisurely enjoying the outdoors.


Deck extends from pool to houseWhen used for entertaining, you may wish your pool deck design to be an extension of your home, where it feels that one migrates into the other as in the photo at right. This is especially appealing when you add an outdoor kitchen at poolside.




A pool deck that's elegant yet simpleAnother option is to have just a simple and elegant type of deck for your family’s enjoyment. Nothing elaborate but tasteful and inviting, as in the photo at left.





Making the pool, spa, and deck blend together tastefullyOr a combination pool and spa that lends itself both to leisure relaxation and entertaining.  Adding a waterfall feature gives a feeling of peace and harmony.





Water SlideOr perhaps, the main function is to keep the children (and possibly adults, as well) active and happy. A deck design that incorporates a water slide or a water volleyball net strung across the shallow end of the pool can add to the fun.




Types of Deck Materials

The next consideration in deck design is the materials that will be used in the deck construction. Some materials will be dictated by the function of your backyard pool area, while others will be purely your choice. Keep in mind that both the material and design add to the value of your home – the amount is dependent on both. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers many options, but we discuss the five most popular types of deck materials here.

Spray Deck, Kool DeckSpray Deck/Kool Deck Design

The spray deck is a texture overlay, sprayed onto the base deck foundation. It is great for updating an older deck but also offers safety along with its decorative finish.  The overlay comes in a variety of colors from which to choose. It is durable and with its non-skid surface is great for playing children or senior residents, who have a tendency to slip and fall. Additionally, it is stain resistant and requires low maintenance. The spray deck also is called Kool Deck because it is cool under foot – no footwear is needed under the hot Jupiter sun with the spray deck.

Brick Pavers and CopingBrick Pavers

Brick Pavers deck design can add beauty to your pool, giving it a Mediterranean feel.  Brick pavers are made of clay and designed for light traffic, perfect for the simple but stylish elegance that invites leisurely family use.  Brick pavers come in a variety of earthy tones in four basic styles:

  • Beveled pavers, shown in the photo above, give more durability and accentuate the color design,
  • Tumbled pavers go through an aging process to create an old world appearance,
  • Antique pavers are aged and given a simulated antique patina for a completely different and unique old world design,
  • Square edge pavers are the most popular of the brick pavers. They are completely square and the most durable of the brick pavers, though they can chip over time.

Overall, brick pavers are used in many functional designs. They are not affected by chlorine and  slip resistant. Repairs are easy to make to the pavers, as well as problems under the soil, and water drains quickly into the soil beneath with pavers.

Pool Deck constructed out of MarbleMarble Deck Design

For that elegant, clean, smooth appeal, marble tiles will do the trick, adding a feel of luxury to your home. Marble can be used with simple or more intricate deck designs. Marble just makes you feel great every time you step on it or leisurely sit beside your pool.  Not only is it durable but continues to look better with time. Due to its reflective properties, it always is cool to the touch. Marble is a natural material the lends itself to any deck design, regardless of its function.

Pool Deck Travertine TileTravertine Tiles

For the look and feel of marble but at a lower cost, use Travertine tiles. Travertine stone is formed in hot springs and limestone caves and widely used throughout Italy. It feels softer and more natural pockets than marble for a distinctive speckled appearance.  You have the choice of:

  • Polished tiles for a smooth appearance,
  • Chiseled for a rougher look and feel but actually soft and smooth,
  • Honed and filled tiles for a smooth finish with no pockets, and
  • Tumbled tiles, which are fragments of Travertine and marble, along with pebbles, sand and gravel all placed into a mixing drum. It is all mixed together to create a weathered and aged texture for a more rustic and old world feel.

The one major advantage to Travertine tiles is the variety of options it offers the homeowner, while it keeps its natural look and feel and accommodating a variety of deck design functions.

Pool Coping Borders Pool, Transitions to DeckPool Coping

Pool coping is a feature added to the deck design. It is the stone around the edge of the pool. Not only does pool coping add an attractive finish to your deck design, but it works to drain pool water towards the water drainage system. While providing a functional purpose, pool coping also highlights the shape and style of your pool. Coping comes in a variety of materials to contrast or blend with your type of deck. The most popular material used is natural stone, concrete pavers or brick. There are two types of coping design – square edged and bull nose. Square edged is cut straight across on the side facing the pool for a geometric and modern feel, while the bull nose is rounded on that edge, making it better for pools used frequently by children.

Update and upgrade your swimming poolDeck Renovations

If you have purchased a home with an existing pool, you may wish to update the look and feel of the pool area. Empty nesters may wish to change the pool area into a more of a leisurely oasis now that the children are grown and on their own. Or you may wish to change the appearance of the pool area from a playground to an elegant entertainment spot.

The best way to change the look and feel of your pool area is to renovate the pool deck design, while keeping the existing pool. Updating the deck design adds value to your home, as well as enhances your pool experience.

A deck construction renovation can:

  • Expand the deck area,
  • Change the material used,
  • Change the color of the deck (especially nice if you have changed the color of your home’s exterior recently), and
  • Add extra features, such as a waterfall, rock features, more plant life, more lighting for evening entertaining, a spa, or outdoor kitchen.

Whether a new pool area design and installation or just updating an existing pool, the deck design can make a world of difference on how frequently you use the pool area, as well as how you use it. Let’s face it, if the pool area is bland and unappealing, you won’t use it as often or enjoy it as much. Or if it is small or designed for children, you won’t wish to entertain in the area. Yet, if the pool area is elegant and inviting, large enough for entertaining or a cozy oasis, you will get a lot more use from your Jupiter backyard.

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