Top Ten Types of In-Ground Pools

Ten Types of In Ground PoolsThere are many styles of in-ground pools and everyone has their favorite – but when you’re deciding which to opt for how can you be sure you’re getting it right?

Here are ten top types of in-ground pools that each have their own benefits – let’s explore them further, so you know whether they’re for you or not.

Outdoor pools

Outdoor pools are fantastic places to entertain, relax or exercise – and they add value to your home for resale. There’s a lot of reasons to love an outdoor pool in Palm Beaches – the climate being one!

Lap pools

Long, narrow pools like these require less space than a traditional pool – which makes them an affordable alternative – and they suit those who want their pool to swim laps and keep fit.

Sports pools

Popular for games and water sports, or as pool party locations, a sports pool is either one level depth or has a shallow end (or even two!) but a ‘deep’ end or area in which adults can still comfortably stand.

Salt chlorine generated pools

Though these aren’t chlorine free they are kinder to skin as – rather than adding liquid chlorine (which also means handling and storing it in your home) the chlorine is made by the salt generator. This means soft water and less chemical handling.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools create an illusion; with one edge appearing to flow right to the horizon the pool edge is hidden below the water, which flows over into a catch pool and is filtered and pumped back into the pool. These work well for homes with sloped yards and ocean views.

Negative-edge pools

Rather than one hidden edge every side of a negative edge pool lets water flow over, creating a glass smooth surface and polished looking pool sides. Again a catch pool circulates the water, filtering it back into the pool.

Vanishing-edge pools

Vanishing-edge pools create an illusion of water flowing to the horizon without a break and the structure allows the water to flow down the edge of the pool to be filtered back into the main body of water.

Rock waterfall pools

With the soothing sound of falling water and the eye catching, natural beauty of a rock waterfall this makes your home pool feel like a spa experience, while at the same time filtering and purifying your water, making it softer and cleaner.

Customized finish or black-bottom pools

As well as possibly making your pool warmer, absorbing the heat of the sun, a black bottomed pool significantly changes the colour of the water, creating a more sophisticated finish. Customised pool finishes can radically alter how your finished pool looks to suit your yard and surroundings.

Lagoon/Natural pools

A lagoon or natural pool uses water plants around the edge or alongside the pool to filter and clean the water, removing the need for chemicals and making softer water that’s better for your skin and the environment.

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