The Ultimate Reason to Remodel Your Swimming Pool


There are many reasons why a homeowner decides to remodel their swimming pool. A structural problem, old chipped tile, pool surface is peeling, outdated or a new homeowner may move in and decide they want a fresh look for the backyard. But all  these reasons fall into a broader category, the ultimate reason for a swimming pool remodel: Change.

Life Changes, Your Pool Should Too

All swimming pool styles are suited to a particular use and lifestyle. While the narrow lap pool may be perfect for a single athlete, it is not ideal for a large family with young kids. And the fact is, no one’s life is static. As your life changes, your pool should change too.

New parents have safety on the mind, particularly when there is a swimming pool in the backyard. Adding a pool fence, safety nets, and anti-entrapment filtration equipment are easy upgrades that enhance the safety of any pool. A full remodel may also be required to create a larger shallow end or a pool shelf where kids can safely play or if you have teenagers a “sport pool” where it deep in the middle and shallow on both ends so they can play volleyball!

Changes in Swimming Pool Remodeling Trends

Life isn’t the only thing that changes: design trends change as well. A swimming pool remodel might be warranted to update the look of your pool. The latest swimming pool remodeling trends include:

  • adding a fire pit or fireplace.
  • using marble decking for a clean crisp classic look
  • water features, natural, copper or colored
  • using natural stone and landscaping to create a lagoon or oasis feel.
  • creating an infinity edge.
  • adding a perimeter overflow, sunshelf, infinity edge or unique entrance.

Upgrading the Mechanical Features of a Pool

Technology is the third way changes could cause a homeowner to remodel their pool. Technology is always changing, and swimming pools are no exception. Filtration systems are more energy efficient and sanitary than ever. Automated pool cleaning systems make owning a pool as easy as opening an app on your smartphone, and longer-lasting LED lighting can replace outdated incandescent bulbs.

Whether you are facing a lifestyle change, want to keep up with ever-changing swimming pool remodeling trends, or need to change out your pool’s mechanical system, contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches today and set up a free consultation. Let us know what changes you want to accommodate with your pool remodel.

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