Understanding Pool Construction

Find a Pool Construction Contractor You Trust

pool constructionThe first thing you need to do is find a contractor you can trust. There are so many ways to cut corners when building a swimming pool that your investment depends on the skill, experience, and integrity of your pool contractor.

Next you need to determine which construction material you want to use. Concrete is the most popular and long lasting. It allows for flexible shapes to fit within any space limitations. Another option is galvanized steel with a vinyl liner. This option is popular because it is less expensive.

Pool Deck Swimming Pool Construction

Here are some key points to consider when installing a travertine swimming pool deck. The more you understand about the process, the easier it will be to work with your swimming pool contractor.

1. Ensure that there is plenty of aggregate underneath.

2. Smaller tiles may wear better than larger ones as they are more able to deal with movements in the soil.

3. Sealing travertine will prevent the pavers from staining.

It will also enhance the natural colors and increase its vibrancy but the downside is that it won’t be able to absorb excess water. This means that the poolside could be slightly more slippery. If you choose to apply sealer it will need to be re-applied annually.

4. Make sure that there is sufficient drainage

If either the substrate on which is installed isn’t done correctly or there is a drainage issue the travertine may develop algae, which is not the most attractive feature to have on your exquisitely beautiful Boynton Beach pool deck.

5. Travertine pavers can be installed by using either mud-set or dry set installation.

Mud-set installations are suitable for warm climates such as Boynton Beach, whereas mud-set installation is suitable for all climates. They can also be installed directly onto concrete.

Shop for a Swimming Pool Contractor

Pick three contractors. Ask questions. Do not be intimidated. Check testimonials. Ask for pictures of their workmanship. Research the history of the company. Ask for a sample contract. Find out how you are protected today, when the project is finished, and in years to come.
Do not let price be your defining factor. Shopping for a pool is like shopping for a house. It will be a long term investment. A little time, and a good financial investment will give you a pool that will help to increase the property value of your home, and enhance your enjoyment and pride for years.
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