Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Repairing Procedures

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Repairing ProceduresHomeowners are beginning to open up their pools for the summer, and some may find themselves dealing with a cracked or torn pool liner. Vinyl pool liners are a cheap and popular choice for swimming pools but are more susceptible to damage than concrete or plaster pools. Companies who perform swimming pool vinyl liner repair in West Palm Beach are plentiful. But for small tears, many homeowners would prefer to handle the project themselves.

Pool Vinyl Liner Repairing Procedures

When a tear is small enough to use a vinyl patch, swimming pool vinyl liner repairing is an easy task. Contact your swimming pool construction or maintenance company to obtain a vinyl patch that will match your liner.

 First, trim around the damaged area to eliminate rough edges. Make sure that the area around the tear is clean. If the tear is above the water level, take a paper towel with a small amount of PVC primer/cleaner and wipe the area where the patch will go. Be careful not to use the cleaner outside of the patch area, as it will remove the pattern or color from the vinyl.

 If the tear is underwater, you can apply a patch directly over the tear without draining the pool provided you can hold your breath! To clean off the vinyl above or under water, take an extra self-adhesive patch, press it down firmly, and then rip it off.

 Next, you will need to apply the finishing patch and hold it in place for about 30 seconds. If the patch is not self-adhesive, you will need to paint a thin layer of vinyl adhesive to the back before applying it to the liner. If the pool liner is patterned, try to line the patch up so it will blend in with the rest of the pattern, but don’t worry if it is not exact; especially when underwater, it will be difficult for anyone to notice.

Finding a Company for Swimming Pool Repairing in West Palm Beach

For large tears or simply for the sake of convenience, you may decide to hire a company to help with necessary swimming pool vinyl liner repair. Seek a company with good customer reviews and accreditation from local or national pool associations.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is a well-respected company with almost 30 years of experience serving the residents of West Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach County. The company is accredited with both the Florida Swimming Pool Association and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Contact us for further questions about pool repair or maintenance.

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