Water Features: A Great Addition to Your Backyard Pool

Water features add that little extra something to a pool that makes it not only visually appealing, but provides soothing water sounds that turn your backyard into a relaxing escape. Now is a great time to add a water feature so you can enjoy it for the rest of the hot summer ahead.

Benefits of Water Features9761207

Whether you want to add a classy touch to your pool or make it feel like you are a little closer to nature, the right water feature can help you achieve your dream backyard. Waterfalls with sharp lines and the right water flow give your pool an elegant feel, while rock waterfalls bring you closer to nature without ever leaving your yard. The soothing sounds of running water allow you to relax and transport you to a calming oasis. Some water features also provide practical benefits, like circulating and cleaning the water in your pool. In fact, the right water feature can help trap debris as well.

Types of Water Features

Generally, if you can imagine a water feature, then it can be added to your pool. Water features are generally added as a renovation or they can be built as the pool is being installed. The following is a short list of the most common type of water features.

  • Traditional Waterfalls.

    These waterfalls generally flow over falls or down the edges of the pool. They can be adjusted to create almost any shape and sound that you’d like, from sheets of gushing water to trickling sounds that resemble rainfall. They add an elegant touch to your pool.

  • Rock Waterfalls.

    If you want something a little closer to nature, then a rock waterfall might be a good addition. It doesn’t even have to be made from rock. It can use synthetic rock that is much lighter and easier to maintain.

  • Fountains

    They can be made from virtually any material, but they can also be a simple arc of water or a bubbling fountain in the center of the pool. They are generally much smaller than other water features, so they have a classy but simple look.


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