Weekly Pool Cleaning in Palm Beach and Jupiter Includes Spas

Is your pool clean, healthy, debris-free, and ready to swim in? Most people in Palm Beach do not have time to maintain their pool, especially their spas. Luckily, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers weekly pool cleaning services that also include spa maintenance and cleaning.

What weekly pool cleaning services are involved?

Generally,  pool cleaning expert will visit your pool and spa weekly. Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, we work hand and hand with you to create a top-notch plan that will erase all of your doubts about weekly pool cleaning services, and exceed all of your expectations. Pool and spa services is a complete approach from assessment, to diagnosis, and to treatment process. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches services may include adjusting and testing chemical levels to avoid any skin and eye irritation, and mixing chemicals for proper water-chemical balance to prevent surface damage of your spa.516148_39511883

Other spa services include vacuuming the bottom surface of the spa. Vacuuming a spa every week reduces the amount of excess chemicals and also removes dirt and debris. Weekly pool cleaning in Palm Beach services do not end here. Keeping the interior part of swimming pools clean and fresh is also be a priority. A pool expert can brush the tiles and walls of your pool and spa which helps minimize algae build up. This also helps reduce calcium deposits so they do not become a larger problem in the future. There is also an optional choice for manual spa tile cleaning, acid washing, re-grouting of existing tiles, phosphate treatments, spa filter replacements, and other spa equipment repair.

 How important is cleaning your spa every week?

Did you know that an unkept and unhealthy spa can cause growth of bacteria such as pseudomonas, legionella, e. coli, cryptosporidium, acanthamoeba, e. virus, and adenovirus that may cause diseases such as dermatitis, infections, cough, jaundice, nervous syndrome disorders, flu, sore throat, and even fever? In fact, lack of, or improper cleaning of spas has  also been blamed for deadly cases of pneumonia (Legionnaire’s disease).

The weekly pool and spa cleaning services in Palm Beach offers customizable weekly service packages. If you are interested in a free consultation regarding customized weekly pool and spa service packages, contact us at (561) 568-2815 or visit our website here.




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