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West Palm Beach FL Swimming Pool RepairOne of the biggest benefits to living in the Palm Beaches of Florida is that you get to enjoy your swimming pool all year long. When the winter weather approaches the area, heat pumps ensure that you can still take a late night dip on Christmas Eve or even ring in New Year’s Day in the pool. When problems arise however, it is always best to contact the professionals so you don’t cause further damage and make costly repairs necessary. Here are just a few of the ways Pool Dr can maintain your pool so you are swimming all year issue free.

The swimming pool has many components that make the system run properly. One of the most important is the filtration system. Although many pools in this area have unique designs and different types of filter systems, they all work basically the same. If the filters are not operating properly you will be able to tell right away. Water will become cloudy or even turn a green color. Algae will begin to form around the edges of the pool and the filter may even make noises that are uncharacteristic of your smooth running system. In West Palm Beach FL swimming pool repair companies can be found in abundance but only a few will accurately diagnose the problem and have your pool’s water crystal clear again quickly.

Why Do it Yourself When You Have the Pool Doctor

Another area that you should never attempt to repair yourself is if you think your pool has a leak. Trying to patch the pool yourself can be very dangerous, and many times those patches are unable to stop the intense pressure of thousands of pounds of water pressing up against it. Pool Dr of the Palm Beaches has the right equipment to locate the source of the leak and then seal it so no water can escape in the future. Leaks near lighting and plumbing can be very difficult to detect and should be left to the experts.

As we discussed earlier, a heater is one of the best parts of having a pool is swimming in the cooler weather. The heat pump needs to be able to function properly when called upon to heat that amount of water. The professionals in West Palm Beach FL swimming pool repair s have extensive training on all the different types of heating pumps used in this region. The last thing you want when you have a party planned is to have ice cold pool water in the middle of December. Pool Dr will quickly diagnose the electrical issues or plumbing concerns associated with your heating pump and get it back running quickly.

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