What Is Licensing? – To Build and Maintain Pools & Spas

I heard from a friend that a county health official he met at his gated community pool was on the verge of closing the pool for several days because the ph level was too low. The official had shut down 20 spas that same day.

Build and Maintain Pools & SpasThe community property manager was told to order their pool maintenance company to send a technician immediately to fix the ph problem or the pool would be closed.  An annoyed technician arrived quickly, threw a bucket of something in the pool, and this episode had a happy ending. Or did it?

Was this company properly licensed? Was the technician properly trained?

Licenses to build and maintain pools and spas require rigorous course work, successfully passing state mandated exams, and regularly taking additional courses to keep up with trends and new information. The pool contractor’s license to construct and maintain pools and spas require the successful pool contractor to pass a nine hour State exam.

The Construction Industry Licensing Board of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations provides binding and official determinations as to which license is required. These are noted in Florida Statutes, Chapter 489. Locate the information you are seeking by visiting www.myflorida.com.

Since licenses vary from town to town, city to city, county to county, and state to state, the consumer’s due diligence is essential before hiring a pool contractor. It makes sense, given your investment, and emphasis on health and safety, to assure that all licenses and certifications are current and valid. Vetting and background checks on potential pool contractors are worth the effort. Locate this information at www.myflorida.org/dbpr. You cannot be too careful.

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