Whitefly Infestation and Your Swimming Pool: What You Can Do

Whiteflies are small insects with white wings. They might seem harmless but they release a sap-like residue (commonly referred to as “honeydew”) that annoyingly covers plants, trees, cars, and practically anything found outdoors. Today, more and more homeowners are experiencing the consequences brought about by their presence around the swimming pool.

If you are one of these pool owners, here are some things that you can do to control whitefly infestation in your swimming pool. You can simply perform these tasks during your regular pool cleaning and maintenance.whitefly

Pest control

First and foremost, you  should contact a pest control expert who will know the exact treatment for your whitefly infestation.  Or you can perform pest control on your own. There are many DIY pest control kits that you can readily purchase in your local store; just make sure that you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintain good stabilizer and chlorine levels

If you currently have large populations of whiteflies in your area, it is advised that you keep the levels of stabilizer and chlorine in your pool a little higher than usual. This will keep your pool’s water from turning green. This also ensures that the pool remains clean and sanitized despite the presence of these pests.

Clean your pool more often

Whether you have a whitefly infestation or not, pool cleaning is very important. But now that you have a pest infestation, you will have to do it more often than the usual. This is especially important for the pool’s filters. Schedule a weekly pool service to get them washed to ensure that its flow is smooth and efficient. As the pool owner, it is also important that you do your part by washing your filters in between pool service schedules for “honeydew” control.

Be patient yet proactive

Whiteflies are pests that will not just simply go away with time. Therefore, some type of pest control is necessary.  Pest-control procedures can take some time.  While you are waiting for it to work, continue with regular and more frequent pool cleaning.

If you have a Whitefly infestation – Call a Pool Service Company

Get a pool service company to take a look at the degree of whitefly infestation in your pool. Some companies are equipped with the knowledge and technology of handling it for you.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have additional questions about a whitefly infestation and how it is affecting your pool, or click here.