Why You Should NOT Maintain or Repair Your Own Swimming Pool?

There are three major issues for why you shouldn’t try to maintain or repair your Palm Beach County swimming pool. Within each of these reasons are specific concerns you should consider.

Chemical Risks.

Chemicals are a major concern, especially homes with children or those who visit:

  • Pool cleaning chemicals are dangerous. Chlorine and calcium hypochlorite are both corrosive and hazardous. Calcium hypochlorite is even highly flammable.
  • Not only do these chemicals need to be handled appropriately, but you need to know what to do in case of accidental spills and their clean-up procedures. Did you know that mixing some chemicals together incorrectly can actually cause an explosion? Or that chlorine dust can eventually cause lung disease?
  • Then, you have storage issues. You cannot just store them in a garage where people and children can enter. You need a locked storage shed for the storage of pool supplies only.

When using a pool maintenance and repair services company, they use their own chemical supplies and are experts in handling them. This alleviates you from the worries.

Costs for Doing It Yourself.

Typically, when you think of doing something yourself, you think you’re saving money. With pool maintenance and repair, however, this isn’t always the case:

  • You need the skills and expertise. Self-on-the-job training means you could make costly mistakes that could affect the health of swimmers or even damage the pool and its equipment. A good Palm Beach County pool company has skilled and certified technicians.
  • Leaks are a major issue in any pool. There could be more than one, and they could be coming from several different problem areas that are not visible to the untrained eye. For instance, a seemingly small crack in the plaster leaking water means a crack also in the pool shell. You could end up patching the plaster but leaving the crack in the shell that will grow larger over time.
  • Some homeowners have the skills and tools to make small repairs. But if you are not one of them or the repair is large or complicated, call a professional. Otherwise, you will end up paying the pool maintenance and repair service to clean up the mess you make – plus, do the actual repair.
  • It won’t cost you anymore for the professional to use their chemicals than it would buy your own. Unfortunately, you’re not looking at just buying chemicals to balance the water, which could take three or four different types. You also need to purchase chemicals for those special needs, such as combating algae growth. Eventually, those special use chemicals will become outdated, must be disposed of, and replaced with new.
  • You also have the cost of not doing consistent, timely testing, getting inaccurate results (home test kits are many times inaccurate or go bad from sitting), reading the test results incorrectly, or using the wrong chemical ratios. For example, too much of some chemicals will corrode the interior plaster, and inadequate water balance or algae growth can cause serious health problems for swimmers.

It’s cheaper and you will save more money calling a professional in the first place.

Time Is Valuable.

In today’s mobile world, time is a commodity, even for retirees. There are just better and more productive uses of your time than doing weekly pool maintenance and repairs. Here are the issues:

  • You need the appropriate tools to do even weekly pool maintenance. For the most part, the tools on the market for homeowners are cheaper versions of the professional tools that a pool service uses, taking longer to achieve similar results.
  • Cleaning the pool appropriately can take up to three to four hours every month for a professional technician. For a homeowner, it could take much longer.
  • Driving to and from a pool supply company for supplies, test readings interpretation, and advice for those special problems will take even more time.
  • Constantly checking your chemical storage area and the chemical containers for leaks or issues is essential and takes time to do it properly and regularly.
  • Even when you have the skill and expertise to do some repairs, do you really wish to waste an entire day or longer to obtain the correct parts and do the repairs, rather than spending time on something more enjoyable?

It’s your time, your money, and your health and safety. Is it really worth it to try to do it all yourself?

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