Year Round Pool Care | Infographics

Year round pool care

Pool Cleaning

  • Clean debris inside and around the pool two times a week, more often if necessary.
  • Run pump at least six hours a day, during the daytime. Pump may need to run more if people are using the pool at night.

Pool Maintenance

  • Test the water to make sure it is balanced with the proper chemical levels.
  • You can use digital test strips: some pool testing companies even let you check the water chemical levels through an app on your phone.
  • Calcium (hardness of water) levels should be between 100ppm and 200ppm.
  • pH (acid measure) levels should be between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Alkalinity (helps regulate pH) levels should be between 100ppm and 150ppm.

Install a Pool Heater

  • Since you’re running your pool year round, there may be times when the water is too cold and needs to be heated up. A pool heater takes care of that.
  • Decide whether you prefer a solar or gas heater.
  • Gas heaters can run on propane or natural gas.

Sanitize Regularly

  • Chlorine (sanitizes and oxidizes water) levels should be between 1ppm and 3ppm.
  • Some pool owners choose a non-chlorine stabilizer, such as bromine or biguanide. These stabilizers are less harsh on the skin than chlorine but are more expensive.


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